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EXCLUSIVE: New clip from Joe Maggio's culinary horror comedy Bitter Feast!

01.06.2011by: Jake Dee

As you may know, Joe Maggio's comedic horror flick BITTER FEAST was served on DVD yesterday (ORDER IT HERE). If you haven't nabbed yourself a copy yet, you may wanna cop a look at an exclusive clip from the film you'll only find at Arrow in the Head. Go on...it's mighty delicious, we highly recommend it.

Starring Joshua Leonard, Megan Hilty (below), Mario Batali, John Speredakos, Amy Seimetz, Owen Campbell, Graham Reznick, Sean Reid, Tobias Campbell and Paula El Sherif:

BITTER FEAST follows an overzealous television chef named Peter Grey. When notoriously snarky food blogger J.T. Franks writes a particularly nasty review of Grey’s food , it pushes the temperamental chef over the edge. He kidnaps the writer and keeps him chained up in a basement, where he presents him with a series of deceptively simple food challenges – from preparing a perfect egg over easy to grilling a steak precisely medium rare – then punishes him sadistically for anything less than perfection.

Man oh man, I can't get enough of that synopsis. Food is always a touchy subject, hell that movie WAITING was downright horror in my eyes. Hopefully BITTER FEAST ratchets up the torment to indigestible extremes.

Here now is your exclusive new clip from the film. Bon appetite!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone seen BITTER FEAST yet? What's the word?



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