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Exclusive poster debut for He Never Died starring Henry Rollins!

11.13.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Legendary rocker Henry Rollins has a new horror joint coming soon called HE NEVER DIED, in which he portrays an immortal man on a bloody revenge mission. Early buzz on this one has been plenty good, so we're excited to dish out the new poster exclusively, for your eyes only! 

The plot:

Jack (Rollins) is in a rut. His existence has been whittled down to sleeping and watching TV and he sees the human race as little more than meat with a pulse. When Jack suddenly finds his long lost daughter taken by the city’s crime syndicate, he must combat his inner demons as he embarks on a bloody war path to seek revenge and save her.

Directed by Jason Krawczyk and also starring Steven Ogg, Kate Greenhouse, BooBoo Stewart and Jordan Todosey, HE NEVER DIED will be released by Vertical Entertainment on December 18th.

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