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Extinction is coming via project compared to Cloverfield

09.17.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Something being compared to CLOVERFIELD and THE SIXTH SENSE doesn't make much, well, sense to me, seeing how those two films couldn't be more dissimilar, but that's the way the Hollywood Reporter is describing EXTINCTION, a high-concept screenplay recently purchased by Good Universe (OLDBOY).

The "self contained sci-fi thriller" has been written by newcomer Spenser Cohen. Unfortunately we can't really discern what this one is about; all we have to go on is the CLOVERFIELD/SIXTH SENSE reference. The title would indicate that something is about to get wiped out (us, most likely), so could be a monster movie or alien invasion yarn. So what's with the SIXTH SENSE comparison? Ghost invasion?!

David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville (WARM BODIES) are producing. No director is yet attached.

Extra Tidbit: Any idea how a film can be like both CLOVERFIELD and THE SIXTH SENSE?
Source: THR



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