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F13 here for V-Day

11.16.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Over the past week or so our man Eric has been all over the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake, which isn't a remake at all as it features Jason and his trusty machete (check it out HERE), and today we have yet another confirmation that this beast IS happening - the release date!

On Friday, February 13th, 2009, get ready for the next installment in one of the greatest slasher series of all time! Jason's hitting up Valentines Day weekend the year after next with a vengeance, and this mofo couldn't be happier! Why? Because it's being released on Friday the 13th! Because I f*cking hate Valentines Day and now I have something to look forward to! Because all things considered, that's a fairly quick turn-around, considering the film hasn't even gone into production yet!

Say what you will about Platinum Dunes or director Marcus Nispel, this entry has potential to kick all kinds of ass. If nothing else, it's sure going to 'look' better than any of the FRIDAY's we've seen before it. My only real problem with this is they keep calling it a REMAKE! It's not a remake! It's just another flipping sequel set somewhere in the middle of the series. Why not just call it FRIDAY THE 13TH: RETURN TO THE 80s, or something 'clever' like that?

Anyway, mark your calendars, because Jason is back in theaters everywhere February 13th, 2009!

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