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F13 Remake still on?

06.09.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Not too long ago we were told that Platinum Dunes' remake of FIRDAY THE 13TH was dead in the water. Most of us jumped for joy, while others pondered when we'd see Jason slicing and dicing again on the big screen.

Today the boys at Bloody-Disgusting scored a chat with Dunes producer Brad Fuller, and he had some interesting news to say about where the F13 remake is at. Check it:

We have been trying to get “Friday the 13th” made for a long time. The rights continue to be a problem, but we are optimistic that those issues will be resolved sometime in the next six months.

So it's not dead? We could still see another reimagining of Camp Blood in the next year or so? If they play their cards right, they could shoot for an October 2007 release from the sounds of it. I'm not holding my breathe, and will only believe the hype when something becomes official, but as it's coming from the horses mouth, I'd say the remake is still in the cards.

But I wish they'd answer this for me: is Jason, or Mrs. Voorhees gonna be the killer in this one? Because if it's Jason, it's not really a remake of PART 1- maybe more like a remake of PART 2, or something along those lines. I can't see them bringing F13 back to the mainstream without bringing Jason with it, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

To check out the full scoop, go ahead and click HERE, and stay tuned as we hear more about where this remake is headed!
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