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Fast Five director Justin Lin producing a new sci-fi crime project

06.04.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Today I stumbled upon an article about an intriguing little sci-fi project over at The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog and just had to come straight here to tell you all about it.

The project in question is something coming our way from producers Scott Stuber and Justin Lin, the latter of which directed this Summer's FAST FIVE. Long time PA/Assistant Bobby Glickert will be directing from his own outline. No scribe has been hired to hammer out the script yet. So what is this little diddy?

“Taking a step back, as a viewer, the tone and the gritty approach to the sci-fi genre taken here is something that hasn’t been seen in a while.”

That's all we've got. That's all Lin (above) told Heat Vision before locking this one back away. No title, no plot, no nothing. All we know is that it's a sci-fi crime thriller in the vein of HEAT and the BOURNE trilogy. So there you go!

Now I know it's not much to go on, but this thing actually sounds halfway decent so far. Of course I'm going to hold out judgement until I see more, which I'm sure most of you will be doing as well. You can bet as soon as we hear anything else on this untitled sci-fi crime thriller we'll pass that shite along to all of you!

Extra Tidbit: Glickert also has a spec sci-fi project set up at Paramount with Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes.
Source: Heat Vision



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