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Fear Itself site open!

06.03.2008by: Eric Walkuski

FEAR ITSELF premieres THIS Thursday, so in a final bit of preparation, I'm going to point you toward the OFFICIAL SITE, which has all sorts of goodies to get your blood pumpin'!

Among other things, the site has a bunch of cool vids, including the OPENING CREDITS and a look BEHIND THE SCENES. Certainly worth a brief peek.

The series kicks off with Breck Eisner's SACRIFICE, which is about what happens when four criminals find themselves stranded in an abandoned fort with a trio of seductive sirens. The ep was written by the series' executive producer, Mick Garris.

The following week will bring us SPOOKED starring Eric Roberts (yes!) and directed by Brad Anderson (THE MACHINIST). Subsequent episodes are helmed by the likes of Darren Bousman, Ernest Dickerson, Stuart Gordon, Mary Harron, John Landis, and Ronny Yu.

You guys psyched for FEAR ITSELF? Or does the prospect of MASTERS OF HORROR on broadcast t.v. not tickle your pickle? Let us know your thoughts below!

SACRIFICE'S Mircea Monroe

Source: NBC



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