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Feast your eyes on the new Green Inferno clip

07.10.2015by: Brennan Klein

The blood is just dripping out of San Diego Comic-Con, this time in the form of an overwhelming new clip from Eli Roth's THE GREEN INFERNO. The clip depicts the arrival of the main characters in the primitive jungle clan in a scene just as shockingly provocative as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, even without its trademark gore. But trust me, it'll get to that. Check it out below!

Dark and primitive customs still rule the Amazon jungle: cannibalism and other mind, body and soul-destroying rituals. Trapped in the village, these high-tech modern-world students experience the ultimate in primal barbaric terror, suffering unspeakable acts of violence in an intense and chilling rituals reserved only for the most threatening intruders.

Opening September 25th, THE GREEN INFERNO stars Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Sky Ferreira, Daryl Sabara and Nicolas Martinez.

Extra Tidbit: Have you had the chance to see The Green Inferno or are you waiting for its theatrical release?



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