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Film Factory eats up Spanish thriller Canibal, 2013 shoot scheduled

10.29.2012by: Jake Dee

In the mood for a new cannibal picture?

Well, Film Factory will certainly oblige, as they will introduce Manuel Martín Cuenca's Spanish thriller CANIBAL at AFM this week. We flashed the promo poster just a few days ago, so consider this a minor addendum. Still, good to see a movie we first wrote about in 2010 finally see some movement.

Written by Alejandro Hernández:

CANIBAL is a thriller that mixes Hitchcock and Buñuel influences. It tells the story of Carlos, a successful tailor from Granada who has a happy life but hides a dark secret: he enjoys eating people. One day he meets Nina, the twin sister of a woman he already killed years ago.

Hitchcock meets Buñuel? Fuc*in-A!

Antonio de la Torre (THE LAST CIRCUS) is set to star, with principal photography slated for early 2013. MOD Producciones (AGORA, BUTIFULl, FIN) and La Loma Blanca are behind the title.


Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite cannibal movie?
Source: Screen Daily



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