Film4 Frightfest Guests! John Fallon and Berge Garabedian in the house!


Film4 Frightfest has just announced a solid line-up of special guests who'll be in attendance for the film festival, which kicks off in London at the end of August. While there are plenty of cool names to go around, we're most interested in the presence of these two dudes: John "The Arrow" Fallon and Berge "JoBlo" Garabedian!

Indeed, the men who brought us JoBlo.com and Arrow in the Head will be representing at Frightfest with Fallon's directorial debut THE SHELTER, starring Michael Pare. The film will have its premiere on Friday, August 28th, at 8:40pm. Fallon will be presenting the film and doing a Q+A after the screening; he'll also have some free goodies for those in attendance.

In addition to the boys, such genre luminaries as Neil Marshall, Barbara Crampton, Rick Wakeman, James Cosmo, Toyah Willcox, and Bernard Rose will be at the fest to support their new projects. Crampton, who we just gave props to in our Top 10 Scream Queens list, is there to support four films! So good to see her still doing her thing!

To check out the full guest list, head over HERE. Check out Frightfest's official site HERE.

JoBlo and The Arrow livin' the life!

Extra Tidbit: Who's going to Film4 Frightfest this year?



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