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Filmax working on terrorist thriller Stranded with newbie director Jaime Bartolome

06.19.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Filmax, the company that has brought us the [REC] series and SLEEP TIGHT, is working on the terrorist thriller STRANDED, which looks to be something a little different from the production house.

The plot: New Year's Eve. A high-speed train stops in the middle of nowhere. The frustration begins to take over the train passengers who are traveling to spend the night with their loved ones. The paranoia begins to seize them when they come to the conclusion that an Arab passenger has other intentions that are not exactly make the train reaches its destination...

Jaime Bartolome is making his directorial debut on the film; he's also the screenwriter.

Remains to be seen if STRANDED is keeping along the same genre lines as Filmax's last offerings, but we'll be standing watch over it as new details unfold.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone out there seen Jaume Balaguero's SLEEP TIGHT yet?
Source: Aullidos



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