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FilmNation snags rights to Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire

03.18.2010by: Jared Pacheco
Man this TWILIGHT thing isn't going away anytime soon is it? Believe it or not another series of young adult novels centering on vampires was just picked up. Oh yeah...

News coming in from ScreenDaily has New York's FilmNation Entertainment snatching up the rights to THE LAST VAMPIRE series of novels by Christopher Pike. Pike is actually right up there with Mr. R. L. Stine, having several young adult novels to his name spanning well over a decade. So what's the deal with THE LAST VAMPIRE? Check it:

Suspecting the detective she killed in self-defense is stalking her, a vampire becomes a high-school student to befriend the detective's son, with whom she falls in love.

Oh man... that sounds almost as bad as TWILIGHT. Seriously? Come on now people... I'm sure there's much better material out there somewhere! I guess the only silver lining here is that THE LAST VAMPIRE comes from Pike, who aims not at teen girls but teen genre fans as a whole. Hey at least it's something! FilmNation president Aaron Ryder had the following to say:

“We could not pass up the opportunity to bring to life one of the best characters of young adult fiction. We see this as the original teen vampire series that started the craze today."

Really? THE LAST VAMPIRE started the TWILIGHT craze? Well whoever/whatever started it has a nice warm spot reserved in Hell I'm sure. Okay maybe I'm being a little overly dramatic... Nah. Anyone out there actually read this bad boy? Some opinions below would be much appreciated to help the rest of us out and give us an idea of what we're getting with THE LAST VAMPIRE!

TWILIGHT's Ashley Greene
Extra Tidbit: There are seven novels in THE LAST VAMPIRE series including "Black Blood," "Red Dice," "Phantom," "Evil Thirst," "Creatures of Forever" and lastly "The Eternal Dawn," which is slated for release later this year.
Source: ScreenDaily



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