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Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick set to direct The Final Reel

02.23.2015by: Kevin Woods

jeffrey reddick final reel final destination

Jeffrey Reddick, who created the FINAL DESTINATION franchise, is now set to step behind the camera for his feature directorial debut with the horror film THE FINAL REEL, according to THR.

THE FINAL REEL will center on...

...a director who can manipulate reality through film and torments the residents of a small town by bringing their darkest fears to life.

Reddick will also write the screenplay with Matt Nicholas producing via his new production company Rebel Maverick.

Reddick wrote the first FINAL DESTINATION film, which launched a franchise with its release in 2000. The series' five films have grossed $650 million worldwide collectively, with director Steven Quale's most recent installment taking in $157 million.

Reddick also wrote 2005's TAMARA and the upcoming CLOUDLAND.

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Source: THR



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