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Final PWZ poster

12.05.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

In case you live on the moon, PUNISHER: WAR ZONE explodes into theaters today. As one last push to promote the flick and get your asses to the theater, they've released the final one sheet for PWZ (and some R Rated Promo Spot here), and from what I hear about the movie, it captures the essence of what you can expect.

And what, pray tell, is the essence of PWZ? Gun blazing, unflinching violence, that's what! The new poster features Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle in Punisher mode, armed with two automatic weapons firing, and what appears to be blood splattering on the wall behind him. Very nice!

I guess the saying of 'saving the best for last' is true here, as I dig this one more than all the previous ones (except the 3-D one... that one is pretty cool too). But is this enough to coerce people into checking it out this weekend? What say you? Will you be giving the new PUNISHER a chance, or are you gonna curl up with the Dolph Lundgren version at home instead?

PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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