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First a trailer now a brand new one-sheet for the Spanish thriller Kidnapped

05.26.2011by: Jared Pacheco

UPDATE: The English dubbed Kidnapped trailer that was released a couple of days ago was a mistake by Apple (they uploaded the wrong trailer). We've updated this story with the proper trailer. It's in Spanish with English subtitles. The film itself will also be presented in that manner in cinemas.

Just the other day Jake hit you all with the vicious trailer for the tapped Spanish thriller KIDNAPPED. I know you guys loved that shite so when a brand new one-sheet dropped for the flick today I decided I just had to tell you guys about it!

The new one-sheet, found directly below, is oozing with violence. I mean come on.. A dude with a plastic bag over his head clinging on to his last breath? Pretty twisted for a one-sheet isn't it? And that's exactly why I'm loving it! Plus our very own John "The Arrow" Fallon is quoted on this shite! That's right folks, The Arrow dug this one and he says it right on the poster! "Four stars! A new genre classic! I highly recommend you do everything you can to find it and experience it." You can go ahead and check out the rest of The Arrow's KIDNAPPED review RIGHT OVER HERE!

Jaime, Marta and their daughter Isa have just moved into a luxurious new house. Marta begins to prepare the dinner and puts a bottle of champagne on ice to celebrate the move. As night falls, three hooded men violently force their way into the house. Panic ensues and soon the real violence will begin.

I don't know about the rest of you but KIDNAPPED is looking like a flick I'm definitely going to have to check out. I'm sure I'm not alone with that feeling.

KIDNAPPED comes from director Miguel Angel Vivas and stars Fernando Cayo, Guillermo Barrientos, Dritan Biba, Martijn Kuiper, Ana Wagener and Manuela Velles (below). IFC are dropping this one into a limited theatrical release starting June 15th so be sure to keep it here for more KIDNAPPED news as it comes our way!

KIDNAPPED (2011) - Subbed US Trailer

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Extra Tidbit: Our very own John Fallon (aka The Arrow) was also quoted in the US trailer for KIDNAPPED! NICE! Congrats man!
Source: IFC Films



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