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First details & one-sheet for Kelly Smith's U.K. horror flick Don't Let Him In

05.20.2011by: Jake Dee

Never before have we heard about Kelly Smith's upcoming English horror film DON'T LET HIM IN, a project that begs the tagline question: "What if you invited a serial killer on holiday?" What if indeed!

Co-written with Smith by Chris Andrews, here's what DON'T LET HIM IN is all about:

Handsome, charming and arrogant, Tristan has picked up Mandy on a one-night stand. The love-struck girl invites him to a rural getaway with her brother Calvin and his girlfriend Paige, an emergency room nurse.

But Tristan has secrets. He needs to get out of the city. And suspicions grow when a local police officer warns the group that a sadistic serial killer is plaguing the area.

Dubbed the Tree Surgeon, this brutal psychopath ritualistically slaughters his victims, hanging their severed body parts in the trees as unholy offerings.

That night a delirious, half-dead stranger arrives, his stomach slashed open. Paige saves his life – but is Shawn the innocent hitchhiker he claims?

Doubts begin to breed. Then the killings begin, and suspicion spirals into paranoia, climaxing in a shocking revelation and a punishing battle for survival as the Tree Surgeon drags his final traumatized victim into his lair…

Sophie Linfield, Sam Hazeldine, Gordon Alexander, Rhys Meredith, Katie Don-Hughes, Gemma Harvey, Poppy Grout, Esther Shephard, Jason Carter and Clemmie Rubens all star in the film.

No release date has been given to DON'T LET HIM IN, but check out the Official Site for more.

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Extra Tidbit: The Tree Surgeon? A dude who proudly hangs human body parts from tree limbs? That shite rocks!
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