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First details, poster & teaser trailer for horror flick Rift, based on true events

05.19.2011by: Jake Dee

I've said it before and I'll reiterate it now, it's always a joy to happen upon a new low-key horror joint!

And that's precisely what we have with a movie called RIFT, which comes from writer/director LazRael Lison. Not only do we have the synopsis for the film, we also have a poster and teaser-trailer for the tale said to be based on true events.

Starring Leslie Easterbrook, Richmond Arquette, Darcy Fowers, Tom Wright, Ali Costello, Sharry Nassimi, Sonia Rockwell and Siobhan Flynn - RIFT shapes up like this:

In 2001 several college students were brutally murdered inside of a newly refurbished Town Creek Apartments. To this day there are still no definite answers. Jennifer Campbell, a graduate student with aspirations of a journalistic career, who is eager to prove herself. She amasses lots of evidence that convinces her even more of the dark history surrounding the town. When she forces her way into the building, it doesn't take long before she is given a crash history lesson on why it is better to keep some secrets hidden and some names forgotten about.

Mary LeGault, Evalee Gertz, Megan Heyn, Eric Sweeney, Adam Cardon, Nancy P. Corbo and Jennifer Chan also play a part in the flick.

Check out the teaser trailer below, and click HERE to scope the films official site.

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Extra Tidbit: RIFT is Lison's second feature behind the 2009 film KONTRAST.
Source: AITH



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