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First details, poster & trailer for Polish horror flick Haunted Poland

09.20.2011by: Jake Dee

Due stateside 4/20/2012 is a movie called HAUNTED POLAND, which we're just now learning about for the first time. With the knowledge of the films existence comes a synopsis, poster and trailer for the ultra-low-budget import. If so inclined, give them all a whirl underneath!

Written, directed and starring Pau Masó, Ewelina Lukaszewska (below) - HAUNTED POLAND follows a couple that travels to Poland but find themselves disturbed by an evil force when the girl returns to her home town where she once played a Ouija board.

Ah, good ol' Ouija horror...always a good jumping off point. HAUNTED POLAND, made for a mere $1,000, also stars Irene Gonzalez and Dominik Lukaszewski. Until we hear more about the film, check out the Official Facebook Page for more.

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Extra Tidbit: Have you ever before seen a Polish horror movie? What was it and how was it?
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