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First Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention this July with Tom Jane

02.03.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Horror conventions rock pretty hard. I'm sure most of you reading this can agree with me, right? Who wouldn't love a chance to walk around a convention center filled with genre goods, fellow horror fans and the people that make this beautiful genre what it is? Exactly. That's why I've decided to tell you all about a brand new convention opening it's doors this year: The Famous Monsters of Filmland's "Famous Monsters Convention."

The convention will hit Indianapolis, Indiana this July from the 9th to the 11th and will feature all the bells and whistles most conventions have: guests, vendors and events! Alright so it's nothing special but if you're in or around Indianapolis I'm sure this one will be worth checking out! The convention only has eight confirmed guests as of this article but lots more are sure to follow. Here's the rundown so far: Thomas 'f*cking' Jane, Derek 'Jason Voorhees' Mears and more PREDATORS cast to-be-announced for a PREDATORS reunion and a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD reunion featuring Judith "Barbra" O'Dea, Kyra "Karen Cooper" Schon, Bill "Cemetary Zombie" Hinzman, George "Sheriff McClelland" Kosana, Russel "Johnny" Streiner and writer John Russo! Well damn if you're a fan of Romero's classic zombie film, and let's face it you are, then that line-up sounds like something you won't want to miss! Plus it's Tom 'f*cking' Jane!

Unfortunately no other details for the Famous Monsters Convention are available but be sure to keep updated over at it's official website!

I wonder if Mears' beautiful PREDATORS co-star Alice Braga will be there?
Extra Tidbit: What's your fondest genre convention memory?



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