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First image from Adam Green's Chillerama segment The Diary of Anne Frankenstein

05.30.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

We showed you an still from Tim Sullivan's entry a few weeks ago, and today we have a look at another CHILLERAMA segment. The first image from THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN from writer/director Adam Green (HATCHET) is pictured above.

The piece stars Joel David Moore (AVATAR) as Adolf Hitler and Kristina Klebe (HALLOWEEN) as Eva Braun, who can be seen in the photo, as well as Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII) as Meshugannah.

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN follows Adolf Hitler as he seizes Doctor Frankenstein's secret journal and uses it to piece together the perfect killing machine to help him win World War 2.

In addition to Green's effort, CHILLERAMA also features I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR by Tim Sullivan (2001 MANIACS), ZOM B MOVIE by Joe Lynch (WRONG TURN 2) and WADZILLA by Adam Rifkin (DETROIT ROCK CITY). Image Entertainment will release the anthology in the fall.

Extra Tidbit: CHILLERAMA will have its world premiere this summer. Details are expected soon.
Source: Ariescope



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