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First images finally pop up for Cell 213, starring Michael Rooker & Eric Balfour

05.25.2011by: Jake Dee

377 days. Yes, that's how long it's been since last scrawling about Stephen Kay's horror flick CELL 213, which stars Michael Rooker, Eric Balfour and Bruce Greenwood. Over a year with nothing to show for the low-budget Canadian horror joint. Until now, that is...

Auilldos just procured the first trio of stills from CELL 213, which you can find below. Two of them are a little muddled, but definitely discernible. As you can see, Balfour is trying to clot a gnarly neck gash on a pal of his, while Rooker looks like he's ready to go PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER on a mothaf*cker. Not bad...not bad at all!

Also starring Deborah Valente, Conrad Coates, Marie-Josee Colburn, Tamara Gorski, Rothaford Gray, Darren Hynes, Viv Leacock and Peter Nelson:

Cell 213 becomes home to Michael Gray a cocky young attorney after a gruesome twist of circumstance lands him in the South River State Penitentiary, framed for the murder of an incarcerated client. Unnatural forces are causing prisoners to ‘off’ themselves at abnormal rates and Michael soon discovers that matters of guilt and innocence are not as cut and dry as he would like to believe trapped in this nightmarish cell.

Stay tuned for a CELL 213 release date...

Extra Tidbit: CELL 213 was written by Maninder Chana (LITTLE TERRORS).
Source: Auilldos



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