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First images from Victor Salva's Rosewood Lane, starring Rose McGowan

05.05.2011by: Jake Dee

A few months it's been since updating you on Victor Slava's tale of terror ROSEWOOD LANE, when Jared let it be known the JEEPERS CREEPERS director was eyeing Rose McGowan to top-line the flick. Well, we now have the first trio of images from the film and yup, Ms. McGowan is most definitely present. Not sure about you, but when I see Rose next to a doggy-door, I'm immediately transported back to 1996. SCREAM style...

Currently filming, ROSEWOOD LANE centers on:

A radio talk show therapist moves back to her childhood home when her alcoholic father dies. But upon arrival, she discovers the neighborhood is terrified of the local paperboy.

She thinks this is ridiculous, until she encounters the boy himself, and learns the hard way, that he is a cunning and dangerous sociopath, who may have killed her father and even others. When he starts to exhibit abnormal abilities, she starts to doubt her own sanity and the boy begins waging a war of terror on her.

Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Lauren Valez, Lesley-Anne Down, Bill Fagerbakke, Rance Howard, Judson Mills, Steve Tom, Ashton Moio, Sonny Marinelli, Tom Tarantini, Christopher Gehrman, Mark Irvingsen and Deanna Lynn Walsh also partake in the picture.

ROSEWOOD LANE opens for perusal sometime next year. Stay up for an official release date.

Extra Tidbit: Ray Wise and Lin Shaye also starred together in DEAD END (2003).
Source: Auilldos



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