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First Pandorum pic!

10.20.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

The good folks at Entertainment Weekly scored a couple of first-look images from Christian Alvart's PANDORUM, the upcoming sci-fi horror flick starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. The new images reveal Quaid looking scared and armed with a flashlight and a scruffy beard, and Foster looking frozen in a half-scream.

As a refresher, PANDORUM is about a pair of crew members aboard a spaceship who wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities. And that's when the fun begins, as when they begin to figure things out, they also begin to realize they're not alone on their spaceship...

The premise sounds cool (though scary shit in space isn't necessarily the most original film idea ever explored), and Alvart definitely proved himself with ANTIBODIES... then again, he's also the guy behind CASE 39, the Rene Zellweger that has been completed for over a year now and still hasn't been released (though it looks like we might see it in April).

To check out the other image from PANDORUM, click HERE, and stick around for more updates on the flick (which is still filming) as they surface.

Source: EW



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