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First poster and stills from Thierry Poiraud's Don't Grow Up

07.10.2014by: Ryan Miller

Even though we’re still waiting to sink our teeth into Thierry Poiraud’s undead horror-comedy GOAL OF THE DEAD, he already has another horror flick on the horizon that sounds like it's worth paying some attention to. Poiraud’s next flick is DON’T GROW UP, written by Marie Garel Weiss, and it’s all about a mysterious infection that spreads on an island that only infects those of the age of 18 and older. So it’s pretty simple, in order to survive: DON’T GROW UP.

The film stars Fergus Riordan, Madeleine Kelly, McKell David, Darren Evans, Natifa Mai, Diego Mendez, Dominique Baute, and Daniela Jerez.

Here’s what this one is about:

On an isolated island a group of teenage delinquents living in a youth center wake up to find themselves alone with no one to watch over them. After much partying, their supervisor appears out of nowhere, feverish and shaking. He suddenly attacks the students. They fight back and kill him accidentally, leaving them no other choice than to flee the crime scene.

As they run away, they realize the island has been deserted. Or practically. The few adults they encounter on their journey all seem to be infected by a mysterious epidemic, making them violent and dangerous. It gradually becomes clear to them that children and adolescents aren’t affected by this disease.

In order to survive, they need to respect one golden rule: DON’T GROW UP. But one of them is turning 18 very soon…

Extra Tidbit: Do you like the sound of this one?



Spitting Bullets
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10:31PM on 07/10/2014


I saw this episode of Star Trek a long time ago.
I saw this episode of Star Trek a long time ago.
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