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First poster and teaser trailer for Zombie Girl Diary crawl out of the basement

05.22.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Who's up for some indie creepiness? ZOMBIE GIRL DIARY, the new flick written and directed by Mike Pine, just scored itself its first poster and teaser trailer. Scope'em out below.

ZOMBIE GIRL DIARY is a story about a mother and daughter fighting to survive throughout a zombie apocalypse. Along the way they encounter other survivors and come together to make their way through the crazy world, now turned upside down. Watch our film and see who makes it out alive.

ZOMBIE GIRL DIARY stars Vanessa Rae Bent, Makayla Wagaman, Tim Cassidy, Hillary Styer, Mike Pine, Jimmyo Burril, Jim Krut and Kevin Chandler. Check out the film's Facebook page HERE.

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Extra Tidbit: Jim Krut played the Helicopter Zombie in George Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead.



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