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First poster for Parlor, starring Robert LaSardo

08.22.2014by: Ryan Miller

We have the first poster for Devon Downs and Kenny Gage’s new thriller PARLOR, which is having its World Premiere at Los Angeles’ annual Screamfest in October. Horror films are really good at capitalizing on our fears. Fears like getting a tattoo. Sure, they can hurt like hell, but what happens when the man behind the machine is a total nutcase?

Written and directed by both Downs and Gage, PARLOR follows…

...six young college hopefuls vacationing and partying in Eastern Europe who get more than they bargained for when they unwittingly get caught up in a maniacal tattoo artist’s fiendish side business.

PARLOR stars Robert Lasardo (Nip/Tuck, DEATH RACE, HUMAN CENTIPEDE III) as “The Artist” who runs an Eastern European tattoo Parlor. Jordan James Smith, Tiffany DeMarco, Ben Whalen, Claire Garvey, Anthony Del Negro, Beth Humphreys, Joey Fisher, and real life tattoo artist Sara Fabel all star.

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Extra Tidbit: Do you guys have any crazy tattoo stories? Spill it!



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