First trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Wayward Pines starring Matt Dillon

We’ve been covering the long talked about M. Night Shyamalan-produced Fox series "Wayward Pines" for quite some time now because of its eerie premise and stellar cast, and today we now have our first good look at the show as the network has unveiled its first teaser trailer and it actually looks pretty damn good. It has a very mysterious Twilight Zone kind of vibe to it as the teaser hints at how the small town of Wayward Pines isn't quite what it seems. Check it out below, I think you're going to be surprised at what you see!

"Wayward Pines" stars Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo, Toby Jones and Juliette Lewis.

Here's what the show is about:

Ethan Burke (Dillon), a Secret Service agent who arrives in the bucolic town of Wayward Pines, Id., is on a mission to find two missing federal agents. But instead of answers, Ethan's investigation only turns up more questions. Each step closer to the truth takes Ethan further from the life he knew, from the husband and father he was, until he must face the terrifying reality that he may never get out of Wayward Pines alive.

"Wayward Pines" is a production of FX Productions. The series is created by Chad Hodge (“The Playboy Club,” “Runaway”) and executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, Hodge, Donald De Line (Green Lantern, The Italian Job), and Ashwin Rajan (After Earth). Hodge wrote and Shyamalan directed the premiere episode.

Extra Tidbit: After seeing this teaser trailer, do you think you'll be checking this one out?



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