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First official Walking Dead season 2 photo eyeballs you!

06.08.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Talk about getting the stink eye! Here's the first official photo from AMC's second season of "The Walking Dead", and it looks like the titular characters are nastier than ever. Give the image a click to see a larger version

The picture comes with a quote from executive producer Frank Darabont: "At this moment, I'm standing on a stretch of post-apocalypse interstate in Georgia, littered with abandoned cars and blessing my good luck to be reunited with our amazing cast, and our fantastic directors and crew. Across the board, there are none better. It's great to be shooting again. I think we've embarked on a great season."

Production is (obviously) underway in the greater Atlanta area on the second season of the hit series, which will run for 13 episodes starting this October. Are you psyched? I know I'm dying to- I'll just stop the lame joke right there...

We'll keep you awash in "Walking Dead" goods as they roll in.

"The Walking Dead" star Sarah Wayne Callies

Extra Tidbit: Have you revisited the first season since it ended?
Source: AMC



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