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Flesh Mann offends!

01.07.2010by: Ammon Gilbert

About a month ago we showed you the trailer for HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS, a movie that looked just about as effed up as the title suggests. Shortly thereafter the film screened at the Santa Fe Film Festival, and guess what? While some people dug it, some people straight up thought it was offensive and even walked out during the screenings!

If that doesn't indicate a rockin' good time at the movies, I don't know what does. According to Karen RedHawk Dallett, the festival’s director, "over 1/3 of the film’s first audience actually walked out.” Damn, that's some crazy shit right there. Even some of the members of the board of the Festival were offended, though they still let the film screen (good for them!).

So how and why is the film so offensive to some people? The producers of the film describe it as present[ing] a compelling case against the use of gratuitous violence, on TV, as well as, the self-righteous, sanctimonious ways that society chooses to confront children’s issues. {It is] gory, pornographic and outrageous.

All this offensively outrageous talk has me excited for more! Could it really be that bad? It didn't seem to bother those at the Italian National Culture Awards, as the film scored awards for Best Cinematography, Best Actor (Giovanni Lombardo Radici), and Best Movie Project (2009). Offensive and award winning. I gotta see this movie!

For more information on this offensive masterpiece of a movie, head to the film's OFFICIAL WEBSITE, and stick around for more on HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: According to producers, HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS doesn't fake some of its most outrageous scenes. I'm scared. And intrigued.
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