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Face-Off: Kelly Brook Vs. Katrina Bowden

06.10.2013by: Mike Catalano
Well, I absolutely loved hearing everyone's opinion with our last Face-Off. It was cool discovering how many of you out there had seen INSIDE and agreed that it kicked all kinds of home-invasion ass! Even though THE STRANGERS was a worthy entry, it was in no way able to trounce the "mother" of all invasion horrors! (P.S. Major props to The Purge for taking a low-budgeted, horror, home-invasion flick and absolutely annihilating every other movie at the box office this past weekend by raking in a huge $36 million sum! I saw it with a large audience and, like The Arrow, had a blast! Bring on that sequel!)

Today, I'm sad to say that we are featuring a Face-Off that many of you will find demeaning, sexist, and inappropriate. And for that, I truly apologize. But... we here at AITH are just such cock-sure connoisseurs of all things tits and ass that we'd be remiss to not provide you with appropriate summertime skin to kick your beach-weather season off right! So without further adieu, I give you the Face-Off of two extremely sexy hotties from two summer-themed horror flicks involving piranhas. Set your sights to boner, because here comes Kelly Brook Vs. Katrina Bowden!

Ah, those bright auburn eyes, that gorgeous smile, even her nose features a perfectly structured cuteness! And she doesn't even ruin it with an overabundance of makeup! Could you imagine waking up to that every day? You definitely wouldn't be falling back to sleep! Talk about starting things off right!
A perfect All-American girl countenance complete with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I swear, you could get lost in those eyes and love every second of it. Her face gives off this incredibly cheerful sexiness, almost as if she doesn't even realize how stunning she is. Gorgeous, yet approachably tangible.
Big, busty, beautiful! Kelly has become most notably known for her two perfectly plump puppies. These breasts are just perfect! And the best bit of all? She actually shows them in all their glory! No one can ever knock both the suppleness and generosity of those magnificent, massive mammary melons! And oh yes, they're REAL!
Katrina's boobies are a tad on the petite side, but still feature a happy, healthy plumpness. They perfectly complement her slenderly sumptuous frame and present an adequate amount of cleavage. No man in the world would complain about these breasts... unless they had to choose between Bowden's boobs and Kelly's.
A bodaciously bountiful, booty-ful masterpiece! It seems that Kelly's curves do not stop at her breasts. Her backside comes off as so plump, so soft, and so smooth that you just want to literally bury your face in it and go to town (or to sleep). It is the very definition of the word badonka-donk.
Now, here is where Ms. Bowden comes in and shines. Her tightly toned physique features one gorgeously sexy backdoor surprise. She has got an ass that perfectly sums up what is meant when a guys says ASS! This butt of beauty starts out trim at the top and then curves into an exquisitely supple base supported by two cheeky glutes you just want to bite into!
Acting Chops
It may be shocking for some of you to learn, but Ms. Brook is more than just a pretty face. Yes, girl can act beyond the typical stiff line reading displayed by countless other bodacious babes of her ilk. Even in Piranha 3D where she was clearly cast because of her physical talents, she still exudes a believable charm (before she goes skinny dipping with Riley Steele). Want some range? Check her out in the indie House of Nine.
Now, Katrina has an interesting and impressive array of roles on her resume. She first gained big-time stardom on the sitcom 30 Rock which most likely helped hone her comedic craft that was beautifully on display in the fantastically fun Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. What truly sets Katrina apart in terms of mega hot actresses is she's able to actually supersede her looks and get you to show interest in whatever character she's portraying as well.
Overall Hotness
When it comes down to overall sexy, beautiful, mega-doability, Kelly Brook is every man's dream. I bet even most women would easily succumb to her perfectly-curved-in-all-the-right-places frame. The fact that her face is so cheerfully bright and welcoming only makes it that much harder to resist. She is a goddess and deserves to be worshiped as so. And even though none of us ever have a shot at her, she still exudes a refreshing warmth that somehow makes you think you could.
Katrina is the epitome of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed All-American girl. Her body is crazily tight, trimmed, and toned from her cheeks to her tummy to her ass, legs, and toes. She is a stunner that will knock dead the least aware passerby instantly upon initial glance. Even a lack of an extra ample bosom does not take much away from her scorching score on any hotness meter.
Kelly Brook
Okay, did any of you really think anyone could take down the colossal collection of classically curved cuteness that is Kelly Brook? Seriously, it was tough coming up with a worthy-enough contender, though I feel that the exquisitely lovely Katrina Bowden was definitely a solid choice. What do ya'll think? What other awesome horror hotties could have partaken in this battle? I'd love to hear your horny thoughts below in our spitting bullets section, so let 'em fly! And feel free to send any future Face-Off ideas to me at



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