Face-Off: Rosemary's Baby Vs. The Omen

It seems that the majority was in agreement with our previous Christmas-themed Face-Off that despite the allure of young, nubile females, Kingston Falls from Gremlins would still be a better place to spend Christmas as opposed to the sorority house from Black Christmas. Let's hear it for the warm heart of classic Americana!

Today, we are kicking off the New Year with the birth of the Antichrist! How festive! Well, actually, because Devil's Due is opening this week, we decided to roll with a Face-Off focusing on the two most iconic, classic horror films centering on ol' Satan attempting to return to the world in the form of a young child. So, warm up a bottle and throw a burp cloth over your shoulder as we present Rosemary's Baby Vs. The Omen!

There is certainly a naive sexiness about Rosemary Woodhouse. Her soft voice and petite frame would never make someone think she'd be the vessel for the Antichrist. However, it is tough watching her being taken advantage of by nearly everyone she is in contact with. It just seems so wrong (must be Polanski). However, once she figures those damn witches out and refuses to let them hurt her baby is a rousing example of bad-ass-ness.
Katharine Thorn is the perfect politician''s wife. She's pretty, sweet, and supportive. She also is the first one to correctly suspect the strange, almost evil, demeanor of her son, Damian. If only she was a bit stronger with her convictions, she may not have ended up falling to her doom TWO times!
Vanity is written all over Guy Woodhouse. Make no mistake, this dude is definitely an actor by his prima donna antics. He often comes off as more delicate than Rosemary. And what a little bitch for putting his sweet wife through all that hell. Seriously, what man wants to be a f*cking witch? Love it when Rosemary spits in his lying face.
Poor Robert Thorn. All he wants to do is protect his wife from experiencing one of the most horrible tragedies a mother could face. His grief is taken advantage of in the most offensive of ways. However, he does keep his shit surprisingly together for almost the majority of the film, thus allowing him to at least get to the bottom of why Damian became his.
Biggest Shock
I wanted to say Charles Grodin popping up in a small role, but that would just be stupid. Instead, I will go with that utterly trippy scene showing a nicely naked Rosemary traipsing through what feels like a hallucination. Upon finally laying down on a bed, expecting her husband to make love to her, a beastly pair of hands begins caressing her body. It totally catches you off guard and sends shivers up the spine.
I sometimes wonder if the Final Destination films were at least in part inspired by The Omen. There sure are some nicely shocking kills and I'd have to say that the big winner is the violent yet swift demise of Jennings the photographer. Even though you know he is "marked" by the dark one, it still comes as a killer surprise when that truck's parking brake gets turned off and that sharp sheet of glass goes flying. I'm certain that this scene made many a viewer lose his or her head.
Evil Assistant
That Minnie Castevet is one awful uppity bitch! She's the old fart neighbor from hell that most people usually only humor. She sticks her nose constantly into Rosemary's business and is always looking to cling by her side. And that gross-looking drink that she's always making Rosemary take because it's supposed to "be good" for the baby drives me nuts.
Oh, Mrs. Baylock, you evil f*cking piece of shit of a nanny! Always looking out for that son of a bitch Damian and overstepping your bounds in terms of what is good for the Thorn's little boy. What a nagging, manipulating fart! And at the end, when she goes nuts on Mr. Thorn for trying to cleanse the world of Damian. I actually cheered when he finally stabbed her in the neck.
After Rosemary is betrayed by Charles Grodin, she goes into labor. When she wakes up, she is told that her child died during the delivery. Of course, she knows that is bullshit. Then Rosemary sneaks in on all the asshole devil worshipers in her apartment complex. She finds her baby and learns that he does not look like a normal human baby (because Satan fathered him). After going through a fast bout of shock and despair, she gives in and decides to raise her and the devil's baby.
What an intense friggin' finale! Situations are always more intense whenever they involve children. You've got Mr. Thorn certain that he must kill his son, Damian, on an alter at church with those sacred knives. Then you have little Damian yelling "No, Daddy!" It's a f*cking roller coaster from hell! Then, secret service busts in and only sees a grown man about to stab a child. Hence, Damian is saved and we are treated to that glorious final shot of the young lad grinning while holding the hand of the President of the United States.
The Omen
Oh baby! This was a tight one! But ol' Damian and his doggedly wicked ways came out on top of the upside-down cross. I'm very interested in hearing what you, our fellow AITH-ers have to say on this one. So, please unload them bullets below! And feel free to send any future Face-Off ideas to me at [email protected]. Happy New Year!



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