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Face-Off: Sil (Species) Vs. Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

03.31.2014by: Mike Catalano
It seems that most of you were too drunk to bother voting on our last St. Paddy's Day Face-Off, so I do not take offense. Anyways, in case you're a bit more sober now and care, the Tittie Twister outlasted Dory's Tavern as best horror movie bar. Cool? Okay.

Now, on to today's super sexy (and lethal) Face-Off whose theme is a nod to the sultry Scarlett Johansson thriller Under the Skin, which just opened in limited release. In case you didn't know, Scarlett plays a super hot alien chick that also knows how to kill and kick ass. So, we thought what other genre-themed hotties have also strutted this scantily-clad path. Here's your answer! Sil from Species Vs. Leeloo from The Fifth Element! Let's get it on (in more ways than one)!

Nothing like being genetically created in a lab. Just combine a human female egg with a little alien DNA and boom! You have yourself a Sil. Science created one hell of a hottie, but she was but a little girl when first created. After escaping, she pulled a little Gremlins action and spun this slimy cocoon from which she subsequently emerged a full-on, naked Natasha Henstridge.
At first, Leeloo is just a bunch of charred remains when she is discovered. Luckily, in the future they have this healing "reactor tank" that is able to literally rebuild her bone structure, muscles, and skin. And once that skin is added, Leeloo is one lovely naked element. Then the reactor rudely covers all her good parts up with bandages, but at least it makes for a pretty skimpy outfit.
Sil's body is exquisite and she's not at all afraid to show it off in order to entice any unsuspecting mates. Toned and trim, long and lean with full, beautiful breasts and a curvy ass. She has the body of a goddess and uses it magnificently.
Leeloo has a very slim, lean bod that doesn't feature much in the boob department. However, her tight waist and sexy legs more than make up for the lack of stack-age. I just wish she was a little more prone to slipping out of that flimsy bandage ensemble.
Best Lines
"Where is a good place to find a man?"

"I've got a party to go to and no one to take me."

"Don't go. Please. I want a baby."

"It's not too soon for us to be together."

"I don't know why I'm here. I don't know who I am. Who sent me."

"I felt it. It's started. Life."


" Everything you create, you use to destroy."

"Me fifth element - supreme being. Me protect you."

"I don't know love. I was built to protect not to love, so there is no use for me other than this."

"Chi-cken... Good. "

"What's the use in saving life when you see what you do with it?"

Once she realizes what her looks can get her, Sil absolutely sizzles. She's not afraid to quickly shed her top if it means she'll be able to get it on with a dude. Whenever she does have a man close, she is prone to rushing things a bit too fast, which is a slight turn-off. But it's tough to complain when there's a chick like her clamoring to get into your shorts.
There is a sense of naivety to Leeloo that somehow adds to her appeal. She's definitely smokin hot yet she doesn't quite know how to use it. Her politeness and need for help gives off the strangest allure, I can't quite put my finger on it. But if she started putting her fingers all over me, I know I would not say stop.
Sil has some major superhuman abilities. She's got great strength as well as the ability to heal broken bones in her body. She also has the power to sense things about people, like, if they are a diabetic and thus not a healthy mate. Oh yeah, and she can morph into this crazy, green, tentacle-ed alien creature.
Leeloo has some killer strength and sick fighting skills. She can take on an entire horde of ugly alien baddies with ease. She runs, jumps, and kicks with incredible precision. However, her greatest power occurs when she's united with her four other stone elements and shoots a mighty beam of power up toward the Great Evil, blowing it to bits.
Sil (Species)
Well, it was close, but Sil sealed the victory. The bad girl won and I'm sure many of you wouldn't mind doing very bad things with her. Even if she does end up killing you afterwards (but what a way to go). How do you, my faithful AITH readers, feel on this one? Is Sil your sex goddess? Or are you a Leeloo lover? Are there any other hot alien butt-kickers out there you care for? Kindly fire them bullets below! And feel free to send any future Face-Off ideas to me at



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