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Found-footage thriller Amber Alert gets sounded by Wreckin Hill

05.09.2012by: Jake Dee

Beware folks, the AMBER ALERT has gone off...

According to Deadline, Wreckin Hill Entertainment has just nabbed Kerry Bellessa's found-footage thriller AMBER ALERT, aiming for a theatrical and VOD release this fall. We showed you the teaser for the flick last October (below if you missed it), so it's good to see it actually land a distro-deal.

Starring Summer Bellessa, Chris Hill and Jasen Wade - co-written with Bellessa by Joshua Oram:

AMBER ALERT revolves around best friends who stumble upon the car described in an Amber Alert while filming their audition video for a popular reality TV show. With police slow to respond, they fight to stop a possible child molester before itís too late.

Yeah, that child molester angle in new...not mentioned in the logline we had last fall. Kind of escalates the creep factor to a new height, wouldn't you say. I'm talking RED ALERT shite!

Extra Tidbit: Ever experience an immediate terror alert?
Source: Deadline



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