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Found footage zombie film I Am Alone releases a teaser trailer

12.26.2013by: Eric Walkuski

It must be "Found Footage Day".

Abstract Forces has released the first teaser trailer for their kickstarter funded horror film I AM ALONE, which takes a found footage approach to the story of a survivalist trying to make it through a zombie invasion. The film stars Gareth David-Lloyd ("Torchwood") and was directed by Robert A. Palmer.

Flick certainly calls to mind Eduardo Sanchez's V/H/S/2 entry, which toiled in similar territory. That said, it's not the same old undead thing, which is a plus.

I Am Alone focuses on a survival reality TV crew (played by Torchwood’s Gareth David -Lloyd) and his Cameraman (played by Gunner Wright) who witness the spread of a zombie like virus turning the living into the living dead.

For more information on I AM ALONE, which plans to be released in late 2014, head over to its official site.



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