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Four more Drive Angry 3D clips offer up Nic Cage & Amber Heard

02.20.2011by: Jared Pacheco

Well folks Patrick Lussier's DRIVE ANGRY 3D is heading our way in just a few days, so you know what that means... Loads of DRIVE ANGRY goods!

Just the other day we showed you all a batch of EXCLUSIVE STILLS and today we've got a look at four, count em, four brand new clips from the film! You want to check out those clips, right? Well just scroll on down below, or head on over to our videos section, and enjoy!

A convicted felon who breaks out of prison to prevent the cult that murdered his daughter from sacrificing his infant granddaughter.

As you should know by now DRIVE ANGRY 3D stars Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard (below), William Fichtner and Billy Burke. It hits theaters everywhere this Friday February 25th!

DRIVE ANGRY 3D (2011) - Clip #1

DRIVE ANGRY 3D (2011) - Clip #2

DRIVE ANGRY 3D (2011) - Clip #3

DRIVE ANGRY 3D (2011) - Clip #4

Extra Tidbit: Sh*t I didn't realize William Fichtner was in this thing. Considering I loved the guy in "Prison Break" my interest in DRIVE ANGRY 3D just went up a whole lot!



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