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Fox axes Second Chance, renews Sleepy Hollow for a fourth season

05.13.2016by: Brennan Klein

Hey, remember all those great times you had watching Fox's modern Frankenstein show Second Chance? Yeah, me neither. The show received a schedule switch in January after premiering with two poorly rated episodes, then slowly and softly plowed into the ground.

It's no surprise that Fox is cancelling the show, which starred Rob Kazinsky as an old man in a younger man's body. You know. Like Frankenstein did.

However, the network is giving an actual second chance to Sleepy Hollow, which was up in the air following the departure of female lead Nicole Beharie. “We have some exciting scenarios and new avenues we want to explore,” said producers. The new season will star Tom Mison, Lyndie Greenwood, Lance Cross, and Jessica Camacho.

Extra Tidbit: Did you watch or do know anybody who watched Second Chance?
Source: DeadlineVariety



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