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11.03.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
I woke up and started the day without a hangover and cup of joe, and I thought to myself 'man, this is gonna be a good day'. Then I saw the segment on the FoxNEWS show 'The O'Reilly Factor', and my day went to blue birds on my shoulder to being just plain pissed off. Damn them!

The segment Bill O'Reilly hosted was talking about if horror movies of today have gone too far, and then continued to bash films like SAW III, TCM: THE BEGINNING and HOSTEL for being the forefront of the scum of America. Their witch hunt basically singled out the whole SAW franchise, and Lionsgate Films as a whole as the main culprits for destroying the strands of morality in this country. WTF???

O'Reilly then has some A-hole Hollywood know-it-all, and some psychotherapist (aka Psycho, The Rapist) talk about how the new 'Splat Pack' are nothing but Hollywood whores, who only have jobs because their movies make a lot of money. Then they ask 'who's seeing these films' and continue to treat horror fans and fans of these movies like the scum of the earth. Oh, and according to this, if you watch these movies, you have serious rage issues and will likely act out the violence in real life because your reality button is totally f*cked.

Are you getting pissed off yet? WATCH THE VIDEO and prepare to feel the rage the Psycho Rapist tells you you have for watching these 'Horrible Horror Movies'. I can almost guarantee that none of these people have ever seen any of the movies they're talking about, and really- they're just talking out their conservative asses. Funny how Fox's THE HILLS HAVE EYES is only mentioned in passing here, and I guess they really don't want us watching TURISTAS, or anything FoxAtomic is releasing either. Talk about a bunch of ignorant f*cks.

SAW III director Darren Lynn Bousman is understandably just as pissed off at this report as your or me, and was cool enough to write a blog about it in retaliation over at BLOODY-DISGUSTING- definitely check it out, as he has some very interesting things to say about O'Reilly and Fox News in general (beyond the fact that they're a bunch of goat f*ckers).

But what do you think? Do you like being called out as having mental issues for going to see these awesome movies? Do you like having a couple of jerk-offs preaching that these films are horrible? Spit some bullets below on your reaction to this bullshit news story, and boycott FoxNews if you don't already.
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