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Fox Searchlight play Nice

04.17.2009by: Jared Pacheco

At the beginning of the year I told you all how JoBlo.com got the early word that one of the top actresses in the business would be tackling a dark comedy called NICE. Only the movie isn't so 'nice' to the male sex. Well there's word coming in from Variety on who just scooped this one up.

Apparently Fox Searchlight just scored the rights to bring Jen Sacks' novel NICE to the big screen. Reese Witherspoon is looking to star. She'll also be producing alongside Keri Selig, Gayla Nethercott and Jennifer Simpson. Ben Queen will be adapting the script. Don't forget how JoBlo.com broke Witherspoon's involvement months ago.

The novel follows Grace, who's nice to a fault. She never picks fights, and doesn't like to criticize or hurt people's feelings. Problem is, the men in her life never seem to take a hint. And she just can't bear to tell them outright when she isn't interested. So she kills them. A clean break--no messy emotions, no heated arguments. But someone is onto her. His name is Sam, and he and Grace, with one very dangerous thing in common, make a killer couple. It's a match made in heaven-as long as they can both survive the relationship...

That's just wrong. She avoids breaking hearts by stabbing them. Vicious. That shot above pegs Witherspoon in the role to a T, no? But then that shot below just shatters those visions. Dare I say I'm actually excited to see Witherspoon tackle a project like this? There's no denying the woman has talent! It's also interesting to note that Warner Bros. tried to get a NICE movie going back in 1999 with Helen Hunt starring. Fortunately for us the project died when they tried to water it down. Queen is looking to actually transfer the dark and edgy tone of the book to the script so we're looking good on this go-around. Awesome. Keep it here for more news on NICE as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Witherspoon got dumped by Christian Bale in AMERICAN PSYCHO. He had to go return some video tapes.
Source: Variety



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