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Fran Kranz to star in Brian James O'Connell's Bloodsucking Bastards

04.21.2014by: Ryan Miller

Fortress Features—the folks behind THE COLLECTOR, THE COLLECTION and THE HUNTED—are about to dip their toes into some bloodsucking territory with the indie vampire flick BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS. Brian James O’Connell will be the mad man behind the camera as he takes on directing duties, and we have learned that THE CABIN IN THE WOODS star Fran Kranz (above) has been tapped to star in the film about…

…a down-on-his-luck cubicle worker must deal with the horrible reality that everyone in his office is turning into vampires.

Also starring in BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS is Pedro Pascal, Yvette Yates, Joel Murray, Joey Kern, Patricia Rae, Emma Fitzpatrick and Parvesh Cheena. It sounds like this one is going to be a lot of fun and certainly an interesting SHAUN OF THE DEAD-like twist on the vampire genre.

Amy Acker starred in THE CABIN IN THE WOODS

Extra Tidbit: Will you be keeping an eye out for this one?



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