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Franck Khalfoun's Amityville Horror film awakens a new title

08.14.2014by: Kevin Woods

We've known for a while that we were getting a new AMITYVILLE HORROR film from Dimension Films and Blumhouse Productions with MANIAC director Frankc Khalfoun at the helm, and while plot details have been scarce, we know that Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cameron Monaghan and Bella Thorne star as a family who move into the haunted Long Island home at 112 Ocean Avenue. Angry spirits aren't the only things that have been awakened as now the film has been slapped with a new title.

Our pals over at Shock Till You Drop have learned that the new film is going to be called AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING. I can dig it. Last we heard, the film was aiming for a January 2, 2015 release so it's possible that we could be seeing the first trailer for the flick very soon. We'll keep our eyes peeled for ya.

I've enjoyed most of the AMITYVILLE HORROR-themed films (even the often-bashed 2005 Ryan Reynolds-starring remake), so it'll be interesting to see what Khalfoun brings to the table with this latest vision. We'll keep you posted on news regarding AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING as we hear it.

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