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Frankenstein's Army invades Blu-ray/DVD in September

08.07.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Richard Raaphhorst's crazy found footage movie FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY is read to be seen now in theaters and on VOD, but if you're more of a "wait until Blu-ray" type, you'll be happy to know that the period horror film is marching its way to home video on September 10th.

Special features on the Blu-ray/DVD release include:

Making-Of Featurette: Revealing all facets of the filmmaking process, this 31 minute featurette uncovers everything from Richard Raaphorst's creature designs, to the film's pre-production process, to the actual creature creation by the Unreal FX team.

Interviews with:
Director Richard Raaphorst
Cinematographer Bart Beekman
Production Designer Jinrich Koci
Unreal FX Team
The Frankestein's Army Actors
Five incredible creature spots:
Burnt Match Man Creature Spot
Mosquito Man Creature Spot
Propellerhead Creature Spot
Teddy Bear Woman Creature Spot
Razor Teeth Creature Spot

In the dying days of World War II, a battalion of Russian soldiers find themselves lost in enemy territory in eastern Germany. One soldier (Alexander Mercury, The Golden Compass) has been ordered to make a propaganda film as the squadron makes its way across the wintry landscape, and what follows is a thrilling mix of found-footage shocks and classic horror. Stumbling upon a village decimated by an unseen terror, the Russians are lured into the secret lab of deranged scientist Viktor (Hellboy's Karel Roden). Viktor has unearthed the journals of the legendary Dr. Victor Frankenstein and has used them to assemble an army of supersoldiers stitched together from the body parts of fallen Germans - a desperate Hitler's last ghastly ploy to escape defeat. 

Leaderless and faced with dissension in their dwindling ranks, the Russians must find the courage to face down this fearsome new brigade of flesh-and-metal "zombots" - or die trying. A nightmarish fantasy thrill ride unlike any other, Richard Raaphorst's FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY, which was filmed at abandoned World War II sites in Prague and throughout Europe, is a delirious plunge into the darkest depths of insanity.

To preorder FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY on Blu-ray, head right over HERE.

Source: Dark Sky Films



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