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French giallo Amer coming to DVD in March

12.08.2010by: Alex DiVincenzo

Olive Films will release AMER (READ ARROW'S REVIEW HERE) unrated on DVD on March 29th. No features have been announced. The French giallo is written and directed by the duo of Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani. Here is the plot:

Ana is confronted to Body and Desire at three key moments of her life. Her carnal search sways between reality and colored fantasies becoming more and more oppressive. A black laced hand prevents her from screaming. The wind lifts her dress and caresses her thighs. A razor blade brushes her skin, where will this chaotic and carnivorous journey leave her?

The picture has been playing film festivals for the past year. It has divided its audiences with its experimental nature. Some appreciate its non-linear story and vivid imagery, while others see it as pointless.

The film opens in UK theaters on January 7th before hitting DVD and Blu-ray over there on January 31st. Unfortunately we only get the DVD in the U.S., but it's better than nothing.

Extra Tidbit: AMER is an homage to Italian giallo films. What's your favorite giallo?
Source: Olive Films



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