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French poster for Behind The Walls, starring the gorgeous Laetitia Casta

05.31.2011by: Jake Dee

Two weeks ago we saw the official trailer for the French thriller BEHIND THE WALLS (DERRIERE LES MURS), which marks the feature debut of writing/directing team Julien Lancombe and Pascal Sid. Now, as the film nears its July 6th release in France, we have a fresh international one-sheet for the film. Spot the poster in full below!

Starring the gorgeous Laetitia Casta (below), Thierry Neuvic, Jacques Bonnaffé, Roger Dumas, Anne Benoit, Anne Loiret, Emma Ninucci, Charline Paul and Mathilde Tolleron - BEHIND THE WALLS is set in:

Centre of France, 1922. Suzanne , a young novelist lacking inspiration decides to isolate herself in the countryside to write her new book. As Suzanne discovers a sealed-up room in the basement of her house, she starts writing oddly easily. Visions and nightmares soon strike her while the villagers grow worried as several little girls mysteriously disappear...

No U.S. release date has been assigned to BEHIND THE WALLS, but when it does, we'll be sure to kick it your way...

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