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12.12.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

What better day of the week to present some FRIDAY THE 13TH goodies than on Friday the... 12th? Ah well.. close enough! I'm not talkin' the new FRIDAY, but rather the original, which is being re-released on DVD this February. So what's the goodies?

The boys at Dread Central scored thirteen screenshots from The Lost Tales of Camp Blood, a series of short films in the Special Features part of the new DVD. So while it's not direct FRIDAY goodies, this is just a taste of what you'll be getting when you snatch up the brand spankin' new DVD in two months.

Lots of chicks screaming, lots of blood splatter... all the things you'd expect from anything concerning Camp Blood. Head THIS WAY to check out the other screen caps, and get ready for the DELUXE EDITION DVD in stores February 3rd.

Source: Dread Central



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