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Fright Night gets rated by the MPAA; you might be surprised by the verdict...

05.25.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Certainly didn't see this coming! I'm sure all of us were prepared for a PG-13 FRIGHT NIGHT remake this August, but lo and behold, that's not what we're getting.

FRIGHT NIGHT has received an R rating for bloody horror violence and language including some sexual references.

I know we should have long ago gotten over the "PG-13 horror sucks" hump, and we have for the most part, but there's something very cool about the fact that this particular flick is going for the jugular. Bloody horror violence is always welcome, and it's good to know that FRIGHT NIGHT is going to show its fangs...

The film, which comes out AUGUST 19th, comes from Dreamworks and director Craig Gillespie. The plot: Charlie Brewster's beginning his senior year of high school and things are finally falling into place: he's grown a few inches, gained a few pounds and he’s now dating the most coveted girl in school. But trouble arrives when Jerry moves in next door. He seems like a cool guy, but beneath the surface, there’s something off about him – something intimidating. And after observing some very strange activity along with the mysterious disappearance of his best friend, Charlie comes to an unmistakable conclusion: Jerry is a vampire who’s preying on the neighborhood. Unable to convince anyone of what he knows, Charlie is going to have to come face to face with the monster himself.

FRIGHT NIGHT star Imogen Poots

Extra Tidbit: Now if only they'd ditch the 3D, we might really have something here...
Source: MPAA



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