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Fright Night & I Am Number Four scribe Marti Noxon plays Ouija for Platinum Dunes

11.29.2011by: Jake Dee

Studios be damned, OUIJA will be played sometime in the near future!

After Universal decided to pass a turn on the popular Hasbro game adaptation, Platinum Dunes has hired Marti Noxon (FRIGHT NIGHT, I AM NUMBER FOUR) to flesh out the script. Not sure if she'll do a page one rewrite or simply polish an existing draft, but Noxon definitely knows how to blend horror with comedy, so she should be able to craft a family oriented supernatural tone.

Of course, Marti (above) has transitioned to feature film writing after getting her start in TV, namely as the key writer on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." She works out of genre as well, having written for such varied series as "Grey's Anatomy," "The Practice" and "Mad Men." The chick knows no bounds!

As for OUIJA, it seems pretty clear Hasbro is intent on getting this sucker made. Noxon's hire comes after Simon Kinberg, Evan Spiliotopoulos and other writers were attached to the script. Hopefully Noxon puts this thing to bed once and for all. You think she can do it? You like the hire?

Based on the classic Hasbro board game about conjuring up spirits of the dead, OUIJA is described as a four-quadrant supernatural adventure centering around a family, with influences from The Mummy and Indiana Jones.

FRIGHT NIGHT cutie Imogen Poots

Extra Tidbit: I've met Marti Noxon once...a damn fine gal!
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