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Full length red-band trailer for Simon Rumley's Red White & Blue

03.15.2010by: Jake Dee

Last month we not only caught the first glimpse of Simon Rumley's thriller RED WHITE & BLUE in the form of a red band teaser, we also saw an official one-sheet, character teasers, as well as a bevy of set and production stills. Now that a good five weeks has elapsed, a full length red band trailer for the film has cropped up. And if you don't think we got that shite for ya below, all I have to say is you need your f*ckin' bell rung.

From the English writer/director of THE LIVING AND THE DEAD, Rumley's new flick picks up:

In Austin Texas, where the lives of three young people Erica, Franki and Nate intertwine in a fateful, tragic way and head down a rocky and violent road to heart-rending oblivion.

Erica (Amanda Fuller) lives rent-free in the local co-op, but spends her nights trawling the bars and beds of Austin. Damaged, emotionally withdrawn, never really connecting with anyone, and sleeping with multiple men is just what she does until she meets the older and mysterious Nate (Noah Taylor), working in a hardware store, but with an honorable discharge from Iraq.

Despite his quiet air of danger, Nate's the only guy who doesnt seem to want to get her into bed at the first opportunity, and the two form a hesitant bond. But one of Erica's casual sexual encounters is about to bite back.

Franki (Marc Senter) is a young, hot-headed wannabe rock star trying to make it big. Looking after a sick mother and estranged from his longterm girlfriend, Franki shared Erica with his buddies one drunken evening. A shocking twist of fate is all it takes to throw his already crazy world into a spin, and in Frankis eyes there is only one person to blame...

Nick Ashy Holden, Patrick Crovo, Jon Michael Davis, Lauren Schneider, Julian Haddad, Kevin LaVoie, Eryn Brooke (below), Pete O. Partida, Vincent Doenges, Mary Matthews, Matteson Claus, and Laurie Foxx level out the supporting cast.

RED WHITE & BLUE screened just yesterday at the SXSW Film Festival. When a release date washes in, you'll have it!

Enjoy the new trailer!

Extra Tidbit: Simon Rumley is currently filming another project called LITTLE DEATHS!
Source: AITH



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