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Full Moon producing 3 new films: Killer Eye 2, Unlucky Charms, The Dead Want Women

05.19.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Following the success of the recent limited theatrical run of EVIL BONG 3D, Charles Band's Full Moon Features is preparing to enter production on three new titles: KILLER EYE 2: HALLOWEEN HAUNT, UNLUCKY CHARMS and THE DEAD WANT WOMEN. We have the scoop on each of them.

In KILLER EYE 2: HALLOWEEN HAUNT, a sequel to 1999's KILLER EYE, the killer horny eyeball is back as a replica size hypnotic monster that terrorizes 5 hot chicks as they set up a Halloween haunt in an old mansion

In UNLUCKY CHARMS, four super deformed mythical monsters are called upon to extract revenge on a group of beauty contestants shooting a reality TV show. The characters include Farr Darrig, leprechaun-like bright red dwarf, Banshee, an old female hag with a large mouth, Pookah, a hideous hobgoblin, and Bloody Bones, a one-eyed cyclops with a necklace of bones.

In THE DEAD WANT WOMEN, the title says it all! It's a zombie movie and the living dead are simply hungry for women.

The plan is to film all three of these flicks at once utilizing the same small crew and locations for the sake of efficiency (and saving money, of course). They will enter production by the end of the month and continue on until late June. Distribution will begin around October.

Extra Tidbit: Which of these titles sounds the most appealing to you?
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