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Full trailer for The Asylum's Mega Piranha is finally here!

04.07.2010by: Jake Dee

It seems one horror sub-genre that's making a mainstream comeback is that of 3D aqua-terror. Not only is Alexandre Aja's PIRANHA 3D hotly anticipated, it was only yesterday we heard of David R. Ellis set to helm SHARK NIGHT 3D. Hell, even Bob Zemeckis is setting up an underwater 3D franchise called DARK LIFE at Disney. But one film that promises to be even more awesomely corny than any of the others combined is The Asylum's MEGA PIRANHA. And we've finally got the trailer below to hook your ass!

Written and directed by Eric Forsberg, MEGA PIRANHA finds a mutant strain of giant ferocious piranha escape from the Amazon and eat their way toward Florida. Ah hell, just take a look at possibly the most ridiculous film trailer ever constructed!

80s pop-icon Tiffany stars, doing so alongside Paul Logan, Barry "Greg Brady" Williams, David Labiosa, Jude Gerard Prest, Jesse Daly, Alessandro Tierno and Cooper Harris (below).

The flick premieres on the SyFy Channel April 10th (9/8 central). The unrated DVD arrives on April 27th (PRE-ORDER HERE).

Props to Twitch for the drop!

Extra Tidbit: Rate the trailer on a scale of 1-10 cheesiness. I'm givin' it a 12!
Source: Twitch



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