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01.11.2005by: Ammon Gilbert
From DeNiro, to Kong, we got a buttload of new pics from a few upcoming flicks that will make you salivating for more.

Over at IESB, there's a slew of new pics from Robert DiNero's creepy flick HIDE AND SEEK, about a kid with an imaginary friend name Charlie, who turns out to be not so imaginary. Also starring Dakota Fanning, SEEK hits theaters January 28th. Click HERE to check out all the new pics.

Dark Horizons posted a new gallery of new images from Peter Jackson's KING KONG, starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody. It's a remake of the original with the special effects of today. Jackson has yet to make a crappy film, and these pics are pretty dang cool, we'll have to wait until December 14th(!) to see if it actually delivers.

Source: IESBDark Horizons



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